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is often described as bringing meaning to your money.

It can help you make smart financial decisions with:                            

  • Organising your financial affairs
  • Building and protecting your assets
  • Achieving and maintaining your desired lifestyle
  • Ensuring your peace of mind!


By creating a picture of how your finances look now and how they will look in the future, using sensible planning assumptions. If the projected outcomes do not look as good as you would like, this advance knowledge gives you time and some breathing space to put in place a plan of action to enable you to make the necessary changes to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes.

See examples of how this works below

Three examples of clients who adopted Lifestyle Financial Planning and how they benefitted:

Client A

In 2005 a 49 year old male business executive, left with a relatively small net worth following divorce, approached us seeking advice on whether he could still retire at age 60 as originally planned.  He had several small pensions in place and some capital, and assumed he would be 'OK'. Following our analysis of his remaining assets and liabilities, income and expenditure, the results showed that shortly after retiring he would run out of money! (See the chart below). Where the graph turns red is when his cashflow runs out - three years into retirement!  Following the shock, and with regret for not contacting us before the divorce settlement our client set about making several changes to his current lifestyle. He was very grateful to be pre-warned, and with our guidance is well on the way to 'getting rid of the red'.




Client B

In 1994, a female dentist - increasingly stressed by her job - wondered if it was at all possible to change career and do something less stressful. Our analysis showed that she was in fact financially independent and could afford to change career and even retire altogether if she so chose! Our analysis indicated that without any further earned income and with some alterations to her investment portfolio she could have sufficient cashflow to see her to age 96! She was overjoyed, and now spends her time writing, travelling and helping her local charity. She has benefitted in other ways too. At each successive annual planning meeting she looks increasingly younger!



Client C

A male banker, UK domiciled but temporarily based in Geneva, and with more than enough income and capital to see him through several lifetimes wanted to properly plan for the financial futures of his young children. He was concerned as to how taxation might impact on his plans. Our analysis confirmed that his planned personal and family expenditure would have little impact on his estate (see chart below) but that taxation and other potential threats could have significant impact for his children and any future grandchildren. We showed him how selecting the right trusts and adopting a gifting programme could help him make the most of his assets for the benefit of his family and future generations. He has followed our guidance and has now built up a significant fund outside of his taxable estate. Ongoing Planning continues towards protecting his estate. 




Can We Help You too?

  • Are you certain you can achieve your desired lifestyle?
  • Have you the means to live an independent life?
  • Is your family's future secure?


The Cost?

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