Planning for a happy retirement

Mr W, a solicitor and Mrs W, a radiologist, approached us about 8 years before they planned to retire. Mrs W had taken a number of years out of work to raise their children, and the couple were now concerned this would leave them without sufficient income in retirement.

How we helped
We began by analysing their current financial circumstances. With some careful planning, and making full use of their pension allowances, we were able to build on their existing pensions and savings. And by working through our cash flow projections, we were able to reassure them that with some small changes, they would both be able to retire at 60 as they had hoped – and be able to live the lifestyle they wanted.

In the years after retirement, Mr W and Mrs W received inheritances from their late parents, which our forecasts showed they would possibly never need themselves.  So we helped them create trusts for the benefit of their family, which also meant the inheritances didn’t form part of their estate. We were also able to help them decide how to redirect some funds to their adult children and set up trust funds for their grandchildren’s education.

Now, each year at our annual planning meeting, when their cash flow projection is updated, Mr and Mrs W can decide how much they can gift to their children and grandchildren.

What our advice meant for Mr & Mrs W
Since retiring, Mr & Mrs W have been enjoying life and taking the holidays they wanted. And they can relax, knowing there is less potential Inheritance Tax hanging over their estate. Their children have also benefited from the trust fund set up – and this has made life easier for their children too. And as an added bonus, Mr & Mrs W tell us they get great joy from witnessing how their cash gifts have helped their children when they need it most.



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