Lifestyle Financial Planning Fees

What is it?

Available for individuals and couples alike, it identifies what is most important to you.
Through considered implementation of financial planning principles, our approach helps to deliver the financial freedom to enable you to live the life of your choice.

Our service to you

Initial discovery meeting

With your help, we start by gathering the data we need. Together we understand your aims and goals, we analyse the information, then move into providing advice and implementing your plan of action.

Annual planning meetings

We will review and update your plans annually, based on any changes to your objectives, personal circumstances, fiscal or regulatory alterations.

The cost to you

We charge an initial fee of (minimum) £850 plus VAT where applicable, depending on the complexity of your circumstances.

Thereafter, we charge an ongoing fee of (minimum) £180 plus VAT where applicable, per month - again based on the complexity of your circumstances.

The benefit to you

By matching your finances to your goals, you will:

  • Have a clear view of where you are going financially
  • Reduce the normal stress associated with an uncertain future
  • Be in control


Together we can start planning for tomorrow.