Achieving the life you want

Mr G was 50 and had been working in the same telecommunications firm since leaving university. His wife, Mrs G, was not working outside of the home. Their aim was for Mr G to retire by 55, but also to be in the position to help their children buy their first homes. They were not sure they could currently do that without too much impact on their lifestyle.
How we helped
We analysed their entire financial circumstances and were able to show how, by rearranging some holdings, they could support their children without impacting their lifestyle. We also showed them that Mr G could actually afford to retire at 52 and still be able to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement.

We were able to help both of them take advantage of legislation to make the best decisions on both final salary and personal pensions, taking into account future estate planning. As it happened, Mr G was offered redundancy at 53 and we were able to reassure both him and his wife, that he could happily accept the package on offer and carry on living in the way they'd planned.
What our advice meant for Mr & Mrs G
Mr & Mrs G are now living the life they want, and they wonder how he ever found the time to work! Our role now is to ensure they continue to enjoy life free of any financial stress, to help minimise future Inheritance Tax liabilities and to facilitate any assistance to their children and any future grandchildren.


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