Investments are at the very heart of any financial plan. It's how these are managed and grow that really makes a difference to your financial picture – and your ability to achieve all the things you want to do in life.

With our decades of experience, we're well placed to handle everything for you. To start, we establish your cash flow requirements, what level of return you need, and also, what your attitude is to risk. Then we can create a bespoke investment plan that ticks all the boxes.

If you come to us with existing investments we'll undertake a performance analysis to check they're performing well, and a risk assessment to ensure they continue to match your risk profile. We'll also look at whether you can benefit from any tax breaks or 'free money' that's available to you through pension funds, individual savings accounts, trust funds, venture capital trusts or enterprise investment schemes.

Investment platforms

The more diverse your portfolio, the more complex it is for you to keep a grip on all the paperwork and certificates, let alone how well they're all performing. That's why many people these days are turning to investment platforms to keep everything simple.

With an investment platform, it doesn't matter if your assets include a mix of cash, shares, collectives, VCTs, personal equity plans, individual savings accounts, property or trusts. They can all be managed in one place – rather like a 'one-stop-shop' for your assets.

Investment platforms give you all the benefits of a widely spread portfolio, but can work out much cheaper than handling them all separately. Most platforms apply a flat and transparent annual administration charge based on the total value of the holdings. This charge reduces as the portfolio value increases. Often, you can also trade UK shares as well as stocks on up to eight foreign stock markets.

But where the platform approach really comes into its own, is when you can undertake a health check with ease, get a valuation day or night, and be kept up to date with one, regular report. It all helps to keep you informed and ensures your overall asset spread still meets your risk profile.


Together we can start planning for tomorrow.