We've worked with many clients over the years, and we're proud to say they have good things to say about us and the service we provide. Here are some of their comments:

“I have been fortunate to be a client for nearly 30 years following a chance introduction by another client. In that time, I have enjoyed invaluable peace of mind that all my aspirations and plans can be met. Their highly personalised support and advice has been a one-stop shop for all the many and varied elements of life’s financial evolution and fiscal complexities. I am now only months away from a planned early retirement which has only been made possible by Phil and Mike’s advice and planning. There is absolutely no doubt that without their support and investment advice my financial status and situation would have been immeasurably inferior!”
— Mr SJR Kent

“Phil Stafford has been advising our family for over 30 years. Her shrewd, clear financial advice and wise counsel has spanned the generations, and has included advice given to family members living abroad. She has been a source of wisdom and comfort in good times and bad. She has built up a highly efficient and friendly team. We would have no hesitation in warmly recommending her services.”
— The G Family Hertford

“I have been a client of Staffords for over 20 years and the continuing investment advice Phil has given to me has always produced financial benefits to help me maintain a good lifestyle.

More recently, she has assisted me in dealing with bereavement and related pension issues and I have really appreciated her help, support and advice at this particularly distressing time. I would not hesitate to recommend Staffords to anyone who needed financial advice.”
— Mrs JJ Harpenden

“As clients since 1990, we have always been impressed by the professionalism, the quality of advice, the sensitivity displayed to our needs, the wide choices we have been offered and also for the slightly firmer guidance when we have been on unsure ground. We have never hesitated in recommending the practice to friends and acquaintances – something we have done several times over the years. Overall, we can say that we have almost received cradle-to-grave service. After that, not even Staffords can help!”
— Dr MJ & Mrs D MH, Carnforth, Lancs.

“Because of the advice received from Stafford Wealth Management, when I received a lump sum payment on the death of my husband, I have been able to live very comfortably for many years and anticipate being able to do so in the future. Had I not received this advice, I am sure the lump sum would have rapidly depleted in a savings account. I particularly appreciate the way that Stafford Wealth Management. ensure that my investments are as tax efficient as possible and provide me with a service which greatly reduces paperwork.”
— Mrs J .F. Hatfield, Herts.

“Stafford’s advice was crucial in planning, and then handling the procedures to draw my pensions, as well as ensuring that they were protected through changes and potential future changes, in relevant laws and regulations.”
— Mr J.W. Elstree, Herts.

“Over the past 15 years, I have received regular and sensible advice which has meant that, although I have withdrawn regularly from my investments at least 10% per annum, the capital has remained constant or even increased. This has given me confidence in the advice I receive.”
— Mrs C.C. Dunstable, Beds.

“For 20 years, Stafford Wealth Management have managed our investment portfolio effectively, they have provided us with reliable advice in an open and transparent way. Easy to contact, they reply to queries promptly, meetings are conducted professionally and the regular updates on our investment portfolio is very helpful.”
— Mr D & Mrs S.N. Roydon, Essex

“Stafford Wealth Management have looked after my financial affairs for ten years. They keep me clearly informed, advise me whenever I need it, and combine friendliness with strict integrity.”
— Mrs S.M.B. Hexham, Northumberland

“I have been a client of Staffords since 1994 and have been provided with a consistently excellent service in that time. I first approached the company (following personal recommendation) when I came into an inheritance and was anxious to invest the proceeds in the wisest possible ways. I received very sound guidance over a wide portfolio of investment recommendations and, to this day, investments made have performed well, even in our current ‘difficult’ financial times.

I also sought advice when I wished to retire from my career and was unsure as to whether I could afford to do so. The company’s advice that I could comfortably retire (some 7 years ago now) proved accurate, supported by the private pension that Stafford Wealth Management set up for me. Certain of my investments now also provide regular cash income and, so, retirement is worry-free and good!

My advisers frequently review investment performance and are prompt in advising a portfolio change, should an investment start to underperform. I am kept well informed with regular, very comprehensive individual portfolio statements and an annual face-to-face review meeting.

I am extremely pleased with the rate of growth in my investment portfolio over the years, and in the profits generated, and would recommend Stafford Wealth Management to anyone seeking financial advisers with much experience and real expertise.”
— Dr P.M.B. Acton, West London

“If you’re not financially-minded, it’s fantastically reassuring to get help with the long view, and the big decisions - allowing you to get on and enjoy your life.”
— Mrs C.B. Hertford, Herts.

“Mike & Phil Stafford and their great team have for many years (since 1993) given me excellent help, support and advice in good times and in bad.”
— Mr C.F. Watton-at-Stone, Herts.

“Mike Stafford has been our adviser for 13 years. He is always ready to advise but never intrusive, and our portfolio has gained significantly from his knowledge of the bewildering range of financial products available in the market place. We continue to rate him highly.”
— Mr M. & Mrs B.C. Saffron Walden, Essex

“I have consulted Stafford Wealth Management for many years for advice. Throughout that time, I have been impressed by their thoroughness, independence and professionalism.”
— Dr R.Y. Oxford, Oxon

“I became a client of Stafford Wealth Management in 1989. My savings, after detailed consultation, were invested in a portfolio comprising a variety of financial products specifically suited to my needs (capital growth with a view to future income), attitude to risk and minimising inland revenue liabilities.

Since then I have seen my capital increase beyond my expectations. The income which I now take from these investments, together with a separate small income, has enabled me to retire this year with minimal financial worries.

I have peace of mind regarding my finances. knowing that any concerns will be efficiently, speedily and courteously dealt with by the company.”
— Ms B.R.S. Potters Bar, Herts.

“Since becoming clients of Stafford Wealth Management, we have always felt genuinely reassured about our future financial situation, with most possible eventualities covered. We have always been given honest, practical advice with the pros and cons of many types of investments clearly explained. Our investments are continuously monitored and productive changes effected. Stafford Wealth Management have always shown a sensitive awareness of our attitudes towards different levels of risk leading to appropriate, bespoke investments with which we feel very comfortable. Their professionalism is delivered with a sympathetic and friendly, personal approach which inspires confidence that the portfolio is tailored to our particular needs. What a relief to have our investments looked after by Stafford Wealth Management – our only regret is that we did not approach them many years earlier!”
— Mr K.& Mrs M.W. Ware, Herts.

“At age 60 and 55 respectively, my wife and I wanted to retire early. Phil Stafford showed us how with Lifestyle Financial Planning this was realistic. She took care initially of some inherited investments and also our own savings, and has made good recommendations for the future investment of our portfolio. We have found the team at Stafford Wealth Management not only very professional but also extremely family friendly and easy to use.”
— Chris P. Berkhamstead, Herts.

“We came to Stafford Wealth Management knowing we were approaching retirement with some provision already in place, but not knowing how satisfactory that was. Staffords were able to reassure us and, with sound investment advice, gave us confidence to consider early retirement options that we would not otherwise have felt able to do. This is already proving worthwhile as it has enabled us to spend more time helping our family, both younger and older generations, whilst we have the energy to do so. Together, with a feeling of security for our future, it is almost impossible to put a price on what that has meant to us.”
— M. & A.W. Bishops Stortford, Herts.

“Mike Stafford provides his advice through extensive consultation, to offer a range of imaginative options tailored to the client’s personal circumstances, investment preferences and attitude to risk. The final decision always rests with the client though and there is never any pressure to follow any particular course. This instills confidence and, in my experience, is unique in the industry.”
— Mr G.K. Saffron Walden, Essex

“We have appreciated regular analysis of how our investments are performing. And particularly useful has been the annual review process when we have a relaxed face-to-face session and, with the aid of Stafford’s helpful software, look at how we are progressing with our financial objectives, and take advice on any changes that we may need to make.”
— Mr M. & Mrs D.E. Thundridge, Herts.

“It can be uncomfortable to think about getting older but it is a reality we must all face. By reviewing my financial needs and projected income at retirement, Stafford Wealth Management has helped me to achieve a better balance between spending today and saving for the future, increasing my chances of a comfortable lifestyle when I can no longer work.”
— Ms P.G. Gilston, Herts.

“Working with Stafford Wealth Management over the past 20 years has helped us plan and achieve long term financial goals. Their advice and support has helped us manage expenditure, understand our attitudes to risk and select appropriate investment options to achieve our financial goals. Our working relationship has helped us attain a greater sense of financial security and achieve life goals such as setting up a new life in the West Country.”
— J. & K. W. Exeter, Devon

“Having been clients of Staffords for many years, our confidence in them is such that, having been offered free financial advice as part of a redundancy package, we chose to remain with Staffords. Their advice is tailored to our needs, taking into account our attitude to risk. We have no hesitation in recommending their services to family and friends.”
— P. & R. B. Royston, Herts.

“Stafford Wealth Management has managed my finances for nearly 20 years. Together we balance my risks and have developed an investment portfolio that has been tailored to see me through life! With their assistance, I have developed an investment portfolio that has not only grown in value but has provided me with income to see me through university, several home moves and enabled me to travel the world.”
— J.B.R. Pity Me, Durham

“I have engaged the services of Stafford Wealth Management for nearly fifteen years and have greatly appreciated their sound advice. As a result, my portfolio has grown considerably and become one of strength, quality and diversity. During occasions of financial turbulence (nationally or internationally) my portfolio may understandably have been affected, but its movement has been rather less than the norm and the recovery has been quicker. I am very happy to recommend the services of Stafford Wealth Management”
— Mr N.D. H. St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex


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