Regulated Investment Services Fees

What is it?

Available to all clients including Corporate, Trusts, and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs). It is a bespoke investment service that takes into account your goals, income needs, taxation considerations, risk profile, time horizons and capacity for loss.

Our service to you

Initial discovery meeting

With your help, we start by gathering the relevant information we need. We analyse your financial affairs, existing financial products, establishing your risk profile and capacity for loss, Portfolio construction, asset allocation market research, product research, initial advice, and implementation of all associated administration.

Annual appraisal meeting

We will review your objectives annually, rebalance holdings where appropriate, carry out fund switching, make any required updates to your risk profile, portfolio valuation statement and ongoing maintenance of data.

The cost to you

The initial fee depends on the size of your portfolio and whether you are also a Lifestyle Financial Planning client. Our fees will decrease as your portfolio size grows.

  • With Lifestyle Financial Planning: Initial fee range 2.6% down to 0.78%
  • Without Lifestyle Financial Planning: Initial Fee range 3.00% down to 1.04%

Ongoing fees

  • With Lifestyle Financial Planning: Initial fee range 0.88% down to 0.26%  
  • Without Lifestyle Financial Planning: Initial Fee range 1.04% down to 0.36%

VAT does not apply to this service.

The benefit to you

A bespoke investment portfolio constructed at less cost than if you did it yourself, that provides the most tax efficient and value for money holdings appropriate to your needs and requirements.


Together we can start planning for tomorrow.